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Florida’s Blower Door Testing Requirement

What you need to know about 5th Edition (2014) Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation – Florida’s Blower Door testing requirement

As of July 1st, 2017, all new residential homes in Florida must pass a Blower Door test to meet energy code.

In order to assist homeowners and builders in this transition, Martin’s Cooling & Heating would like to supply you with a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding Florida’s Blower Door test mandate.

Where are the Blower Door testing requirements located?

Click here to view this section of the code.

What is the specific requirement?

The building or dwelling unit shall be tested and verified as having an air leakage rate of not exceeding 7 air changes per hour in Climate Zones 1 and 2, and 3 air changes per hour in Climate Zones 3 through 8. Testing shall be conducted with a blower door at a pressure of 0.2 inches w.g. (50 Pascals) COLLIER and LEE COUNTIES ARE IN CLIMATE ZONE #2

Each home must have 7 air changes per hour (7 ACH50) or less in order to pass the Blower Door test.

Does the Blower Door testing requirement apply to multi-family construction?

Yes, buildings 3 stories or less must abide by the residential energy code.

How much does the Blower Door test cost?

The cost varies for each property. Just call 239-430-1685 and we can provide a quote!

When should the test be performed?

Testing shall be performed at any time after creation of all penetrations of the building thermal envelope.

What does the Blower Door test tell you?

Professional energy auditors use blower door tests to help determine a home’s airtightness.

Why do I care about my home’s airtightness?

There are a many reasons why airtightness for your home is important.  Some of these reason include:

  • Air leakage causes a reduction in energy consumption.
  • To avoid moisture condensation problems
  • To determine how much mechanical ventilation may be needed to provide acceptable indoor air quality.

Is Mechanical Ventilation (fresh air) required?

Mechanical ventilation is required if a home has less than 3 ACH50 or 3 air changes per hour for the Blower Door test.

Why is the 3 ACH important in determining the need for mechanical ventilation?

When a home has less than 3 air changes per hour (3 ACH50), the air exchanged through the home while under natural conditions in minimal. In these cases, it has been found that homes have increased humidity and the air can become stagnant. The 3 air changes per hour (3 ACH50) is the industry standard for requiring mechanical ventilation.

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